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Geschichte der Klienten

Gražyna und Piotr, 31 Jahre


Our journey with Arleta started, because my fiancee has found premature ovarian failure syndrome, so we couldn't have our own children. We had two possibilities. First was embryo adoption or much expensive egg adoption with my sperm.

We are from Poland, so our first step was to contact clinic in our country. Unfortunately they told us, that if we want embryo adoption, we have to wait for that one, two or even.. three YEARS!

I heard, that in Czech Republic the law is more liberal and it could take much faster.

I started to search clinic in Czech Republic somewhere near the border. I wrote to Arleta and to one more, but now I don't remember the name but it was in Prague. I chose Arleta, because the girl, which answered me was very polite, I felt like I was talking with friend. She answered all my questions (those clever and those which wasn't ;)).

Arleta was also much closer and the price for all was lower.

Our first real contact was about one and a half month later (it depended of the day of menstruation and our possibility). We met our coordinator - the same girl, which I was corresponding - and the doctor Doležal. The doctor examinated my fiancee, then he talked with us and we all decided what would be the best for us and what we want. We decided for embryo adoption. They gave us medicaments - which was included in whole price of entire treatment.

After month and some days (the hormonal preparation takes some time and it has to be perfect day of menstruation cycle) they gave us our perfect, little "Dot" into fiances belly. And much more medicaments (untill 2 week, as it is written in contract).

We succeeded. In first time!!!

After this, the pregnancy was run by our gynecologist. She prescribed us much more medicaments to keep the pregnancy.

After over 8 months of pregnancy, we have our pretty, little daughter, our precious, beautiful princess!

We have to thank whole Arleta's crew for this.

hey gave us greatest happiness and... sleepless nights ;)

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